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51 Lloyd is found on the 1940 census as a sheepherder in Fremont County, Idaho. Status shows single living with Elwood Foster.

He later served a deputy sheriff for two years, then was elected as sheriff for Fremont County in 1948 for one term.

Notes from Obituary:

Diabetes, Sheepman. Adopted by Sam Collett family when his parents died. Hansen Mortuary, St. Anthony, Idaho.

(Post Register, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 20 Mar 1962, pg 6, 25 Mar 1962 pg 11.) 
Smith, Lloyd Lorenso (I11)
52 Madge married William John Howard on 27 Aug 1923 at Fremont, Idaho, USA. They are found on the 1930 and 1940 census in St. Helens, Oregon.

They had children John Budd Howard (born in Montana in 1925), Robert Vernon Howard (born 11 November 1929), and Velma Lou Howard Isaak (born 1933).

Family Tree shows a marriage to Milo Jensen on 23 August 1986 after William John passed away.

Madge died 9 Feb 2000 at St Helens, Oregon. 
Smith, Madge Marie (I9)
53 Madge's history (as provided by granddaughter Melinda Marie Howard Marthaller) states:

"My aunt and Uncle were gone a lot. My cousin, May Airhart, and I were left alone a lot. I remember one time a bear came through the window and broke the glass when my aunt was there. My cousin and I would shoot the rifle to keep coyotes at bay. It took both of us to hold the rifle and shoot it. The neighbors complained about the shooting and us being alone so we were taken out of there. I must have been around 12. (while living with them) My aunt and uncle had two places, so we went to Green Timber, Idaho where they raised grain. He also trapped. That is where I graduated from the eight grade. (Green Timer, Ashton, Idaho) I was about 13 when I went to live the the Grooves. I worked for them in exchange for room and board. I cooked, baked bread etc. for about two years. At age 15 I moved in with the Beemans, Frank and (?) but I hadn't even finished my freshman year when I went to live with my aunt by marriage. Her name was Belle (George) Woods. His name was Alma Woods. I called her my foster mother." 
Smith, Madge Marie (I9)
54 Many records attribute Janet Reid Swan to David (or sometimes Robert) Swan and Janet Meikle (or Meckle). There is a birth record for a Janet Swan to parents with these names on 17 October 1813 in Old Monkland or Coatbridge, Lanark, Scotland. However, the birth date of 1813 is at least 10 years removed from dates for later census records for Janet and the location is quite removed from later records. Additionally, a later marriage record for that Janet does not match our Janet. Also, Janet Meckle would have been 15 years old when Janet Reid was born.

This relationship is almost certainly not correct. 
Swan, Janet Reid (I264)
55 Many records list her as Elizabeth Inza Jones instead of Inza Elizabeth Jones. There are records that list her both directions, though most official records suggest Inza Elizabeth Jones as being correct.

Inza died at age 94 in 1995.

I have a few memories of my great grand mother. I can remember her pure white hair. I can remember being at her home when I was very young and watching her player piano with the old fashioned punch reels. A piano that played itself was so fascinating to me. 
Jones, Inza Elizabeth (I268)
56 Margaret Brown Shefflin came to Utah in 1848 when she was 65 years old in the Heber C. Kimball Company. I have not been able to find if she was traveling alone, or if she came with someone. Brown, Margaret (I39)
57 Mary McDowall was born December 14, 1811 (possibly 1812) in Killinchy, County Down, Ireland. She is the daughter of James McDowell of Ireland and later Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Mary and Walter Wark married in April 1837. Mary was 25.

Mary (1842) and Walter (1846) were both baptized into the LDS church. Walter died of cholera in 1849 (daughter Agnes was 8 at the time). The only record of other children is the 1841 census that lists Robert (age 3). Robert is not found on the 1851 census or any other verifiable records. It's quite possible he died at a young age, or perhaps lived with other family after the death of his father. Of note, however, is a listing for Robert on his sister Agnes' marriage record.

An 1851 (two years after Walter's death) Census record shows Mary Wark (age 38) and Agnes Wark (10) with an Archibald Eddies and an Ewing family on Graham Street, Airdrie. Graham Street is just a few hundred feet from their previous and later residences.

Mary married John Ferguson sometime before 1861. They are shown together with Agnes on the 1861 census in Holytown, Bothwell parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland (just a few miles south of Airdrie). John, Mary, and Agnes were baptized into the Holytown Branch of the LDS church in 1861 (this was Mary's second baptism). John and Mary are found together on the 1871 census in Aidrie, Scotland at ages 55 and 60.

Sometime before 1880, they both emigrated to Utah, probably to be with daughter Agnes who emigrated there in 1877. They are found in Santaquin, Utah in 1880.

Most genealogies indicate that Mary died March 1888 in Provo and is buried in Alpine, Utah, though I can find no death record and there is no record of a Mary Ferguson or McDowell buried in Alpine. There is a cemetery record for John Ferguson in Provo City Cemetery, Provo, Utah Block 2 Lot 7 with a death date of July 1886. The grave is unmarked. It is unknown if perhaps Mary is buried here. Of interest, however, is an entry for a Mary Ferguson widow of John Ferguson in the 1890 Salt Lake City, Utah, City Directory, page 283. The residence was 451 N Third West. In August of 1890 there is an unnamed burial record for "Ferguson" in the Salt Lake City cemetery. There is also a Mary Ferguson buried in the Murray, Utah cemetery ( It is quite possible that these records may be for Mary. 
McDowell, Mary (I262)
58 Most histories list Alexander Smith and Margaret Roger (sometimes Margaret Rodger) as the parents of our John Smith. Beside the fact that a John Smith was born to this couple in approximately the correct year and location, I've found no other definitive evidence that these two are my ancestors. There were dozens of John Smith's born in Lanarkshire during this time.

Of note is that the name Alexander was passed to John's son, though the name Margaret does not appear anywhere is near-subsequent generations.

While Alexander and Margaret are likely our ancestors, this is not definitive. 
Smith, John (I265)
59 Most histories show a death date of 17 Jan 1838 in Preble, Ohio. This is the same death date as her husband George H. Earhart (or Arehart), so the date is suspect. Marks, Polly (I18)
60 Most records list Agnes' father (probably) incorrectly as Robert Wark. Below are the many evidences that her father was actually Walter Wark:

1. Agnes' death record lists her father as Walter Wark
2. The 1841 census record lists Walter with wife Mary and children Robert and Agnes near Craig Street, Aidrie, Scotland, which is only a few hundred feet in length. Craig Street was the 1841 residence of son-in-law George and 1871 residence of George and Agnes.
3. There is only one Walter Wark in all of Scotland in the 1841 census. There are no Walter Wark's in the 1851 census (after Walter likely died). Walter's wife Mary was re-married by 1861.
4. There is an LDS baptismal record for a Walter Wark in 1846. The record indicates that Walter died 1 Jan 1849. Agnes and her mother were also among the .1% of the Scottish population that was Mormon in 1851. It's quite unlikely that Walter, Mary, and Agnes were members of the same very small church, yet not related.
5. Walter's first (probably) marriage was to Agness Sinton. Walter's daughter was later named Agnes (though admittedly there are perhaps 100s of Agnes Wark's in Scotland at the time).
6. The will of James McDowell (Mary McDowell Wark's father) references Walter Warks (sic) as the husband of Mary. Genetic testing has verified that I (Jared) am a descendent of James McDowell meaning that the will was in reference to my ancestors (Walter and Mary).
7. While there are records of many Robert and Mary Warks with a daughter Agnes in Scotland at the time, none of them coincide well with locations, birth dates, siblings, etc.

The only original record of her father being named Robert is found Agnes' marriage record. This marriage occurred 13 years after Walter's death, so it's quite possible it was mis-transcribed, or more likely, that Agnes' older brother (as found on the 1841 census) Robert or perhaps an uncle Robert was the one recorded.

Despite the many present-date genealogies that list Agnes' father as Robert, the record I maintain here follows the overwhelming evidence there her father's name was Walter.

Agnes' death record in 1918 lists her mother as Mary Getons, though there is no record of anyone with this name. DNA testing proves that Mary McDowell was her mother (see Mary McDowell's record here for further information).

Walter died in 1849 of cholera. Agnes was 8 at the time. The 1851 census shows Mary Wark (age 39 or 40) with daughter Agness (age 10).

Mary McDowell Wark then married John Ferguson some time before 1861. The 1861 census shows Agnes (mis-transcribed as Agnes Evark) living with John and Mary Ferguson. Multiple LDS church records show Agnes with Mary and John between 1861 and 1866.

John and Mary emigrated to Utah some time before 1880, likely to be with Agnes who emigrated in 1877. Mary died sometime around 1890 (see her record for details).  
Wark, Agnes (I259)
61 Most records list this Alexander's father as being Alexander Smith (record at ). It is very difficult to verify this.

If this is correct, then this Alexander, Jr. was barely 16 when married and only 17 when first child William was born. This casts some doubt on the veracity of this relationship. 
Smith, Alexander (I29)
62 Most records show children of:
Obie Olie Arehart or Obie Ollie Arehart
b: 28 October 1881, Willmathsville, Adair, Missouri)
Opie Leslie Arehart
b: 26 August 1884 (or 1883), Missouri, United States
d: 29 June 1966, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

There's virtually no details on Obie that I can find. Even Obie's gender is in question (records vary between male and female). With the lack of details, it's quite likely Obie died young.

Opie is also listed as both male and female, depending on the record. Some records show a death date the year of birth. There is an Opie L Arehart that married a Fannie F McDaniel on 26 Nov 1908 in Knox County, Missouri (the county the Arehart's lived in). He also may have married Lillian Belle Hannah 23 Sep 1937 also in Knox County.

Opie's death record in California on 29 Jun 1966 shows a birthdate of 26 Aug 1884 in Missouri, which seems to fit, and a wife of Fannie, but it shows a mother's maiden name of Kirk, which does not fit.

In short, I've found no concrete evidence to tie Obie and Opie to Gasner and Sarah Arehart. 
Arehart, Gasner G. (I13)
63 Most records show Sarah's parents as James Brummitt (born in Virginia) and Margaret Mann (born in Pennsylvania). This is most likely correct, though there are a few details that call this into question.

The only record I've found documenting this association is the 1850 census. It shows a Sarah as their daughter at age 3 in Somerset, Belmont, Ohio. While Sarah indicated on later census records that she was born in Ohio, the 1880 censuses indicate that both her parents were born in Indiana. But this does not match the known birth locations for James (Virginia) or Margaret (probably Pennsylvania). There are no records that show this family in Indiana at all.

Additionally, Sarah does not appear with this family on the 1860 census in Liberty, Adair, Missouri. She would have been around 13. There are no other known records that place Sarah directly with this family.

However, James and Margaret are found in Adair County, Missouri on the 1870 census and Sarah is found in the same county in 1880, lending some credibility to this connection.

It is assumed that Sarah's parents are James and Margaret, though additional evidence would be very welcome. 
Brummett, Sarah Lucy (I14)
64 Myrtle was stillborn as indicated by her sister Madge.

The 1910 census shows John F and Lillie has having 4 children, but only 3 alive. 
Smith, Myrtle J. (I6)
65 No other information is known about Margaret Roger other than her name on the birth records for her children.

There is a possible record - - for a Margaret Rodger christened 16 May 1745 to James Rodger and Margaret Tennant, and another record - - showing a christening on 11 Nov 1746 to Thomas Rodger and Janet Anderson. Besides roughly matching probable age and rough location, these cannot be verified. 
Roger, Margaret (I30)
66 Reuben Barzee was one of the original settlers of Oxford, Idaho in 1864 or 1865. In 1866, due to problems with Indians, the settlers moved temporarily to Cache Valley, Utah for protection. When first founded, it was believed that Oxford was in Utah, but surveys in 1872 found it to actually be in Idaho. As such, some records show Oxford, Utah and others Oxford, Idaho. Oxford also was in Oneida County but is now in Franklin County. Barzee, Reuben Woodard (I269)
67 See the attached A Brief History of the Garrigus Family or additional histories provided under Matthieu Garrigus for additional details on David Garrigus. Garrigus, David (I23)
68 See the attached A Brief History of the Garrigus Family or additional histories provided under Matthieu Garrigus for additional details on Jacob Garrigus. Garrigus, Jacob (I21)
69 See the attached History of the Garrigues Family for much more detail on Matthieu and kin. Garrigues, Matthieu (I231)
70 Several records identify Isobel as an Isabel Reid, born 7 Sept 1777 to David Reid and Janet Walker. This is, as near as I can tell, unsubstantiated and quite unlikely. I've been unable to find any records that can verify this. This date and relationship was first generated in the 1920's from unknown sources.

There are probably no records that can absolutely identify which Isobel is the mother of Alexander, and any attempts at identifying the parents of Isobel are almost certainly guesswork at best.

As it currently stands, Isobel Reid is as far as this line can by extended. 
Reid, Isobel (I266)
71 She is recorded as "Mary Jane" on some histories, but I've found no records of her being named anything other than "Jane". Garrigus, Jane (I16)
72 Sinton family notes:

Agness Sinton was born 29 October 1808 at Penicuik or Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland. Agness is the daughter of John Sinton and Christian Wood.

There are two birth records for Agness Sinton (also recorded as Agnes Sinton). While rather odd, I'm convinced that they are for the same person. The records are almost identical, but from two different churches (Dalkeith and Penicuik) located only 8 miles apart in the rural suburbs of Edinburgh. Agnes' name and name of her parents are identical on both records. Of note is that Christian Wood is not a common name and there is only one known marriage of a John Sinton and Christian Wood in the area at this time. Additionally, the dates are very similar - birth dates differ by only 2 days and christening dates differ by 3 days. Both records list father John Sinton as a member of the Dumfries Shire militia. To me, with no other records that show a possibility of separate Agnes Sinton's born at the same time at the same place, it is presumed that both birth records are for the same Agness.

John Sinton was born 1793 at Philiphaugh, Selkirkshire, Scotland. His parents are unknown (though I've done little research here). Christian Wood was born 1794 at Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. John and Christian were married 04 January 1808 at Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. They had 5 children:
1. Agness (see above)
2. Robert Linton - born 7 October 1810
3. John Linton - born 16 March 1816
4. Helen Linton - born 5 August 1819
5. James Linton - christened 3 November 1822

All children were born at Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland. Note the name change from Sinton to Linton. This was not uncommon. The names were used almost interchangeably with records showing both spellings.

Child Helen Linton (or Sinton) is typically shown as being born 5 August 1810, but this would have been impossible with brother Robert born in October that year. I found her original birth record which is clearly mis-transcribed as 1810, when it is actually 1819. I have the record if anyone is interested. Helen married Thomas Nivison (sometimes Thomas Nevison or Thomas Niveson) 29 December 1843 at Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland and died 13 August 1874. Thomas and Helen had 6 children between 1844 and 1855 - James Nivison, John Nivison, Thomas Nivison, William Nivison, Robert Nivison, and Alexander Wood Nivison.

Of note is that James Nivison married a Christina Laing who is the daughter of Agness Sinton (Wark) Laing. James and Christina were first cousins - they share the same grandparents - John Sinton and Christian Wood.

Helen is buried at Saint Mungo's Parish Church, Penicuik, Scotland with husband Thomas, daughter-in-law Annie Thomson (wife of son Thomas Nevison), and their son Thomas (died at age 8). I have photos of the grave stone if of interest. These families appear on various censuses in Penicuik. 
Wark, Walter (I261)
73 Some histories ascribe Jacob to serving as Assistant Secretary to Benjamin Franklin and George Ross (both signers of the Declaration of Independence) during the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention of July, 1776 (immediately after the signing of the Declaration).

This was, however, not this Jacob son of Mattheiu, who was living in New Jersey at the time. It is more likely that the Jacob who served on the Convention was the son of John Garrigues, who was this Jacob's brother. In other words, the Jacob who sat with Benjamin Franklin at the Convention was this Jacob's nephew. 
Garrigus, Jacob (I25)
74 Some histories show Elizabeth Spivey's parents as John Spivey (born about 1778, Pennsylvania) and Jane Vinnedge (born about 1778, Pennsylvania). I've yet to see any definitive records documenting this connection and do not assume it to be accurate.

Most records show John and Jane being married in 1796 (both at age 18), yet Elizabeth was certainly born in 1795 or early 1796. An 1860 census record in Hanover, Butler, Ohio shows a Jane Spivey (supposedly Elizabeth's mother) with a birth year of 1786, making her parentage to Elizabeth (born 1795) nine years later impossible.

We do know, however, that Elizabeth's last name was Spivey and that John and Jane Spivey lived in the same county in Ohio where Jacob Garrigus lived and where Jacob and Elizabeth were married. In fact, John Spivey appears just 7 lines below the Jacob and Elizabeth Garrigus household on the 1820 census. A John Vinnedge appears on the next page.

Additionally, Jacob and Elizabeth's daughter, Charlotte Garrigus married an Elias Moudy, Jr. in 1852. Elias Moudy's mother is a Jane Spivey, daughter of James Spivey and Jane Vinnedge Spivey. In other words, if Elizabeth Spivey?s father is James Spivey, then Charlotte and Elias were cousins - not entirely impossible, though this does further discount Elizabeth?s parentage.

However, Jacob and Elizabeth's marriage in 1813 was performed by Justice of the Peace John Vinnedge Esquire (likely the same listed on the 1820 census noted above). If Elizabeth's mother (or a sister?) was actually Jane Vinnedge, this man may have been her great uncle(?) - one anecdotal piece of evidence suggesting Elizabeth's parentage.

Despite all of this anecdotal evidence, I believe it a stretch to certifiably attribute Elizabeth to John Spivey and Jane Vinnedge Spivey. Indeed much evidence discounts this possibility. I think it more likely that Elizabeth Spivey Garrigus is the niece to this couple. 
Spivey, Elizabeth (I22)
75 Some notes on geographical names:

Lanarkshire or the County of Lanark refers to the general area of Lanark.

Within the County of Lanark, there are many cities, parishes, and areas. Many of these have changed names and/or borders over the years. One city is Lanark. This, obviously, can cause some confusion.

Lanarkshire is currently divided into council areas of North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire.

In the records here, there is reference to New Monkland and Old Monkland. The Monklands is a district in the North portion of the Lanarkshire. In the mid-1800's it was divided into two parishes, New Monkland and Old Monkland. See this old map for reference.

Within New Monkland, which is within Lanarkshire (modern day North Lanarkshire), is the city of Airdrie, where most of the Wark and Smith family records come from. Some records show family in Clarkston parish (not to be confused with the city Clarkston, which is 15 miles Southwest of Airdrie) which was a small burg just east of Aidrie proper.

Some records are from Barony, another Lanarkshire parish from the mid-1800's that was very near the Monklands. It is no longer called Barony, but is currently part of Glasgow. 
Wark, Walter (I261)
76 The 1851 census shows the following:

26 Back Causeway Street, Barony, Northern, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Alexander Smith, age 48, born 1803, Cotton Weaver

Janet Smith, Wife, age 48, born 1803

Janet Reid Smith, Daughter, Unmarried, age 20, born 1831, Cotton Weaver

John Smith, Son, Unmarried, age 18, born 1833, Cotton Weaver

George Smith, Son, age 16, born 1835

Alexander Smith, Son, Male, age 4, born 1847

Mary Craig, Lodger, Widow, age 42, born 1809, Cotton Bobbin Winder 
Smith, Alexander (I263)
77 The 1920 Census shows her living in Ashton with Frank Beeman. She was 16 at the time. This is several years after both her parents died. Smith, Madge Marie (I9)
78 The death and burial details (10 September 1883, Chetopa, Labette, Kansas) were previously suspect as there are no other known family events that I could find in this city. However, his grave marker was found showing this as his actual burial place. Arehart, William Marks (I15)
79 The following are probably census records showing Alexander and George Smith.

Location: Craig St, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Alexander Smith 25 (Agricultural laborer)
Mrs Smith 26
Janet Smith 10
George Smith 7
John Smith 4
Robert Smith 3
George Swann 35
George Swann 7
Elizabeth Swann 5

Location: 26 Back Causeway Street, Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Alexander Smith 48 (Cotton weaver)
Janet Smith 48
Janet Reid Smith 20 (Cotton weaver)
John Smith 18 (Cotton weaver)
George Smith 16
Alexander Smith 4
Mary Craig 42 (listed as a lodger)

Location: Millers Court, New Monkland, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Alexander Smith 59 (Cotton Weaver)
Janet Smith 60 (Washerwoman)
John Smith 22 (Flesher)
George Smith 20 (Flesher)

1871 - Alexander
Location: 29 Bell Street, New Monkland, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Alexander Smith 68 (Formerly Weaver)
Janet Smith 69 (Labourer)

1871 - George
Location: 6 Craig Street, New Monkland, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland

George Smith 35 (Flesher)
Agnes Smith 30
Mary Smith 5
George Smith 3
John Smith 1
Feler McGary 37 (listed as a boarder)


- The 1841 record is almost certainly correct. Ages in the 1841 census were generally incorrect (the nation-wide census was completed by untrained takers in one night and often had transcription errors and significant rounding of ages), but the ages of Alexander and Mrs. Smith are off by at least 13 years (assuming birth years of ~1803 are correct). Of course a 10 year old child at age 25 is rather unlikely. This record does list George before John, with ages off by a few years (perhaps their names were transposed?). The child Robert is hitherto unknown and there are no other known records for this Robert. Craig Street in Airdrie is the same street (and, at least in present day, a very short street) that George and Agnes would live on later in life. Strong evidence of the accuracy of this record is the inclusion of the Swann's. Swan is mother Janet's maiden name. The ages would likely make George Swann to be Janet's brother.

- The 1851 record is probably correct, though the location is about 9 miles West of Aidrie. Strong support comes in the listing of daughter Janet with the middle name "Reid", which matches her birth record in Airdrie in 1832. Reid is the maiden name of her grandmother (Alexander's mother) and also (probably) the middle name of her mother (Janet Reid Swan Smith).

- The 1861 record is likely correct. The listed ages for John (should be 26-27) and George (should be 23-24) are not accurate. Occupations, however, are correct. This was just over a year before George's marriage which has witnesses of his father Alexander and a John Smith, most likely this brother.

- The 1871 records are almost certainly correct. The address matches that found on George's death certificate on 03 May of 1871 (just 1 month and 1 day after this census was taken). Feler McGary signed George's death certificate. Note that Craig Street is also location on 1841 record.

- 6 Craig Street and 29 Bell Street (the 1871 addresses and also address on Alexander's death certificate) still exist in present day Airdrie and are just a few hundred feet from each other.
Smith, George (I260)
80 The parents of James McDowell are unknown. Most records indicate that James was born 27 Feb 1788 in Kirkmaiden, Galloway, Scotland to Alexander McDowall and Janet McClery (or Janet McChlery). See

Beyond the birth record for this James, I've found no other documentation that suggests that this is correct. The location, names, dates, etc. just don't match up at all with what we do know

James' will (transcribed on this page) indicates that he had sisters Margaret Geddis and Mary Cleland both in Ireland (I've been unable to find any additional information about either of these women). There are no known records for a Margaret or Mary born to the couple above. Additionally, the birth year of 1788 doesn't match the 1792 or 1793 birth date derived from James' grave marker.

On the other hand, there is some evidence that indicates that James was born 8 June 1793 to Andrew McDowall and Janet Ross in Stranraer, Wigtown, Scotland (see The birth year matches James' grave marker. Andrew and Janet had a daughter named Margaret on Feb. 13, 1795. Other given names match better than with Alexander. So, this is better evidence, but far from conclusive. There were several James McDowalls born in Stranraer around this time.

Without further evidence, the parents of James will remain unknown. 
McDowell, James (I279)
81 There are at least 4 different historical places named Fairview, Idaho. One is near Preston, one adjacent to Pocatello, one in Western Idaho near the Oregon border, and one between Rigby and Idaho Falls. The Fairview, Idaho of record here and found on the census records for this family is the one between Rigby and Idaho Falls, a few miles north of present day Ucon, Idaho. It is the place where my grandparents (Norman and Carol Park) and great grandparents (Charles and Claudia Godfrey) lived when I was young and until recently. Barzee, Reuben Woodard (I269)
82 There are few records for Walter Wark. In determining Walter's parents, one must work backward through the records.

The latest known record is an LDS church membership record in Bothwell, Scotland. This record shows his birth place as Lasswade, Lonehead, Midlothian, Scotland. It's of interest that Lasswade is 40 miles East of Bothwell.

The 1841 census shows Walter in Airdrie, Scotland (just North of Bothwell). This would put a birth year of ~1808. The census indicates he was born outside the current county of Lanark.

Fortunately, Walter Wark is not a common name. There is only one Walter Wark found on the 1841 census in all of Scotland. In searching for birth records in 1808 in Lasswade, I discovered the attached birth record for a Walter Wark which had previously been transcribed Walter Mark. Seeing as him and his father are the only known Walter Wark's in the area, and both date and location match perfectly, it is presumed that this birth record is for our Walter Wark. 
Wark, Walter (I261)
83 There is a record of a Michael Earhart serving in the Revolutionary War; Seventh Class under Captain George Shriver, 3rd Company, 4th Battalion, Northampton County, PA.

This is commonly attributed to both this Michael Earhart and another Michael Earhart. Both were from Pennsylvania, but I believe it is more accurately attributed to this Michael Earhart because this regimen was from his birth county. Additionally, the other Michael Earhart was not even 20 at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, whereas this Michael was 20 at the beginning of the war. 
Earhart, Michael (I19)
84 There is no conclusive evidence of family lines before Matthieu. While it is commonly purported that his parents are Jean Garrigues (b. 1653, Perigord, Provice of Guyene, France) and Marie De Franchimont (b. 1657), there is no definitive evidence linking them. See Robert Garrigus' definitive work on this subject (attached).

Despite the lack of evidence, it is commonly accepted that Matthieu is the son of Jean Garrigues, and this is indeed quite possible. I therefore provide this accepted history back to three known generations with the understanding that there is no definitive evidence of it's accuracy.

Any ties of Matthieu Garrigues' progenitors to French nobility back to the 12th century are suspect, most certainly incorrect, and not included herein.

Garrigues, Matthieu (I231)
85 There is no known death record for Janet Swan Smith. She was alive at the time of her husband's death in April 1872. Swan, Janet Reid (I264)
86 There is some confusion regarding her birth and death dates mostly due to records from after her death. She is buried in the Iona Cemetery, but her grave marker dates are ineligible. Her death record (which I believe was transcribed later) shows Sept. 1, 1937. This is likely a mistranscription of September 7. Other records show September 9 (likely her burial date). The funeral home records also shows September 1. As such, the exact date might be Sept 1, 1937, though most records (including this one) accept September 7.

Kendall, Ada Maria (I270)
87 There were many Alexander and Janet Smith's in Lanark, Scotland at this time. Determining which records belong to our family is difficult. This Alexander Smith was likely born 03 October 1803 and Janet Reid Swan was born sometimes around 1802. There are census records for several decades showing this couple and their children. See the record here for their son George Smith for census details and discussion.

Alexander Smith was a Cotton Weaver by trade. He lived his life in Airdrie, Lanark, Scotland, with perhaps a few years in Barony (Glasgow), Lanark, Scotland. 
Smith, Alexander (I263)
88 There's no direct birth record for Elizabeth and no records that definitively identify her age. However, one can deduce a birth year of 1895 or perhaps 1896. On the 1820 census, Elizabeth is listed as under 26, making a birth year of no earlier than 1895. She was married in November 1813, probably at age 17 or perhaps 18.

Note that Elizabeth had 4 children by 1820. 
Spivey, Elizabeth (I22)
89 This Alexander is presumed based on the likely birth record - - for son Alexander.

No other details are known except that an Alexander (probably our Alexander, but we can't be sure) was born to an Alexander on 16 Sep 1750 in Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland.

Without further information, this Alexander is the beginning (or end) of the Smith family line.

FamilyTree - - and other records show son John Smith born 23 February 1755 and daughter Lillias Smith born 21 Jun 1761. The only evidence I can find that these are siblings is that they were born in the same place to a man named Alexander Smith - hardly definitive evidence. 
Smith, Alexander (I31)
90 Thomas Bullock Pioneer Trails,15792,4017-1,00.html

The above link takes you to the Mormon Overland Pioneer Company search for Thomas Bullock. He originally came to Utah in the 1847 Brigham Young Company with only 142 men, 3 women, and 2 children. One year later, he traveled again in 1848 with the big Brigham Young company and he brought his family. Then in 1858, he made the journey again in the John W. Berry Company while he was returning from a mission in England. 
Bullock, Thomas (I31)
91 Traveled to Utah in 1868 in the Daniel D. McArthur Company. Thomas Arnold age 63, Adaline Jerome Arnold 62, Richard James Arnold 26, Eliza Arnold 2, Emma Arnold 4. Arnold, Thomas (I23)
92 Traveled to Utah in the Daniel D. McArthur wagon company in 1868 with Thomas, Richard, Eliza, and Emma.  Jerome, Adaline (I24)
93 Verna was married previously to Donald Thomas Paxton (married 17 Dec 1944 in Idaho Falls) and to Dexter Speas (married 23 Aug 1947). Barzee, Verna Fay (I5)
94 Walter Wark was born 2 Oct 1808 in Lasswade, Midlothian, Scotland, a small town Southeast of Edinburth. Walter's father is named Walter Wark and his mother is Janet Gill (see their records here).

Walter Wark married Agness (or Agnes) Sinton 12 November 1830 at Colinton, Midlothian, Scotland. Colinton is 6 miles West of Lasswade. See other note here for details on Agness and her family.

Walter and Agnes had a son John Wark born 7 December 1830 at Colinton, Midlothian, Scotland - John was born just a few weeks after their marriage. No other details are known of John Wark.

It appears that Walter and Agnes were divorced some time before 1835. Walter then married Mary McDowell in April, 1837. Agnes Sinton remarried to Archibald Christie Laing on 23 Nov 1835 at Canongate, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland - They had at least 3 daughters.

Walter was baptized in the LDS church August 24, 1846. His church membership record shows he died 1 Jan 1849 of cholera.
Wark, Walter (I261)
95 Walter Wark, father of Walter Wark, was born sometime around 1780, probably in Scotland. Very little is known about him. The only known, verifiable records are for the births of his children.

Walter married Janet Gill sometime around 1800. They had son Alexander Wark, born 29 Jan 1805 at Cockpen, Midlothian, Scotland (

Walter Wark, Jr. was born 2 Oct 1808 at Lasswade, Midlothian, Scotland ( See Walter's record here). Lasswade is very near to Cockpen.

There is another possible earlier child born to a Walter Work and Jenet Gill, born 06 Dec 1802 at Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland ( Even though the names are a close match, this record is suspect primarily because Jedburgh is 40 miles Southeast of Lasswade. 
Wark, Walter (I27)
96 We know Alexander's father is named John Smith. Identifying which of the scores of men named John Smith are his father is virtually impossible. Most histories which identify a particular father can easily be proven as incorrect.

Alexander's mother was Isobel Reid or Elizabeth Reid (as indicated on Alexander's death record). Assuming our identification of Alexander himself is correct, his mother is most likely named Isobel. As with the father, identifying a particular Isobel or Isabel Reid is both difficult and probably impossible to verify. 
Smith, Alexander (I263)
97 We know that Reuben practiced polygamy and had at least 2 wives. The 1870 census shows him married to Maria Barzee with no children. 1880 census shows wives of Christina (age 34) and Ada (age 24). Christina is shown with a birthplace and parent's birthplace of Denmark. Later records indicate that Christina and Maria are the same person - Christina Marie.

One known record shows her as Kirstene Maria Andersen with a birth of 24 April 1845 in Skidrum, Skidrum, Denmark though this is not verified. It shows her marriage to Reuben on 9 Dec 1865 in Salt Lake City, though I've yet to find a record of this marriage (however, it is most likely accurate considering other records). Another record lists her as Kathrine Mariah Jensen. Many records list a marriage in 1860 in Ozone, Idaho, but this is impossible because Ozone was not yet established or settled. Her true identify can't be verified, though she likely is Kirstene Maria Andersen and certainly married Reuben prior to 1870.

We believe that Reuben married Ada in 1872. The oldest child on the 1880 census is age 7, making this child possibly hers. There are no known records of children to this Christina.

We do know, however, that she does not appear with the family on the 1900 census. However, there are 1910 and 1920 census records showing a Kristen M Barzee and Christena M Barzee (respectively) living in Smithfield, Cache, Utah. Smithfield is a short distance from Oxford, Idaho - their location in the 1880 census. Her name, immigration date, place of birth, etc. closely match the Christina above. She is listed as "widowed" in both cases. Additional insight, however, is gained by her death record of Dec. 3, 1920. She is listed here as Marie or Maria Barzee (the original contains an "a" and an "e" overwritten in her first name - a later notation read "Marie" - regardless, it is certainly the person from the census records above). The marriage field on this record states, "married, but husband deserted her - name unknown."

We do know that he was married to a Christina, but cannot verify that these later records are for the same Christina, though evidence seems to indicate that it probably is. The claim of desertion is not to be unexpected. When polygamy was outlawed, most men chose one wife with whom to live - and in this case it made most sense for Reuben to stay with Ada who was younger and likely the mother of at least 4 of his children in 1880.

The Edmunds Act, which outlawed polygamy and resulted in the imprisonment of up to 1300 Mormon polygamists was passed in 1882. Sometime between 1882 and 1884, Reuben and Ada moved to Manassa, Conejos, Colorado, perhaps to escape persecution or trial for polygamy. Christina, presumably was left behind. They lived in Colorado until sometime between 1890 and 1893, when they moved to Pima, Arizona. Daughter Ada was born in Fruitland, San Juan, New Mexico in 1896. By 1898, the family lived in Ferron, Emery, Utah where Levi was born. They are found in Fairview, Idaho in 1900. This means the family lived in Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Idaho again in less than 16 years.

Reuben and Ada had 13 children, 8 of whom lived beyond childhood. They had 3 daughters die within 3 years (1887-1889), each shortly after birth.

Reuben and Ada both lived long, fruitful lives. Reuben died at age 85 and Ada at age 80. 
Barzee, Reuben Woodard (I269)
98 While research census records for Reuben Barzee and his son Levi Reuben Barzee, I discovered a very interesting and surprising connection. On the 1910 census for Fairview, Bingham, Idaho (this is just north of present day Ucon, Idaho in Bonneville County, Idaho) in the family entry immediately before the Barzee's is an entry for George W. Godfrey and his family (including son Charles E.). George W Godfrey is my great great grandfather on my mother's side. Needless to say, I was amazed to find this very familiar name when searching for somebody else. My father's mother's father (Levi) and my mother's mother's father (Charles) lived practically next door to each other and were only a few years apart in age. Both families (sans Charles who had not yet been born) appear on the 1900 census as well.

My Grandma Park has recollections and history of the Barzee family, who purchased part of the Godfrey homestead sometime before 1900. There are school records that show both young men together.

How fascinating it is to me that two generations later their grandchildren would meet, marry, and bring me into this world. 
Barzee, Reuben Woodard (I269)
99 William traveled to Utah in the George Rowley Handcart company in 1859.
William was a widower who came from England with his four children. 
Wilde, William (I41)

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